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St Margaret Clitherow & St Paulinus RC Joint Parishes (York UK)


Caring for Sick and Retired Priests

(Special Collection:   StMC – 22Feb/23 Feb,  StP – 29Feb/01Mar    2020)

Cardinal Nichols writes:  Most priests offer their resignation as a parish priest at the age of 75, but many continue to serve their communities, working in our parishes, schools, hospitals and chaplaincies. We must ensure no priest is worried about meeting essential costs during their senior years and, as such, the Dioceses are committed to ensuring that no retired or sick priest is left without support.

By giving a gift to the Sick & Retired Priests’ Fund, you will help ensure all of our sick and retired priests are cared for at their time of need, after years of service to God and their parishioners. The fund will be used to meet essential costs, like making a flat accessible to a disabled priest. It could ensure a priest has regular visits from a carer after undergoing surgery.

Rest assured, the Dioceses work closely with the NHS, local councils and social services, but there will nevertheless be gaps in funding and we need to ensure our priests have peace of mind in their senior years.

Be as generous as you can in your support of this appeal. 

And continue to pray for our priests.

Thank you very much.


Link1:  The video below (2mins) shows Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark Diocese introducing the video Link2 below.


Link2: Video (14 mins) – Interviews with Retired Clergy (Southwark Diocese)



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