St Margaret Clitherow – Donating:

Link:  Gift Aid/Standing Order Form [A4 printable – returnable to FrK]

Our Church and the many causes we support depend on the generous voluntary contributions of our parishioners and visitors.  The funds raised help in many areas of our community and other communities in the Third World. 

There are a number of ways in which you can contribute:

 Way to give  Advantage  Disadvantage
a)  Loose plate – cash donations made as the collection plate comes round Spontaneous / anytime. Requires cash

Requires counting/banking.  Cannot claim GA on all of it

b)  Envelopes for Offertory and Extra (2nd) collections – where the donations are recorded Planned giving

Is recorded so can claim GA. (Having envelopes helps to make up any missed weeks.)

Requires Cash / cheque

Involves counting & banking

c)  Standing orders – where the donations go straight into the bank and are recorded. Set up and automatic

Regular & secure

No cash handling

Consistent amount even if on holiday,

Is recorded so can claim GA.

Have to set up – but is easy – see the Gift Aid / Standing Order form link above.
Gift Aid (GA):  If you are a tax payer the Government are very generous and will give a charity a further 25% added to your donation.  For example for every £1 you give to the church we can receive and extra 25p from the Government.  This makes a big difference to the parish and charities we support.
The Government also generously give Gift Aid on the first £8000 of loose plate – which amounts to a refund of £2000
Please consider the following:
  • Moving to envelopes if you give by loose plate – or possibly to a standing order
  • Making up for missed collections – regular income and administration are greatly helped with the use of standing orders
  • Printing costs, counting time, and paper usage are all reduced with standing orders
  • Please do complete a Gift Aid form if you pay any sort of income tax at all
  • Increasing your contribution to keep up with inflation, particularly if not changed for a long period


If you would like to move to envelopes / standing orders / Gift Aid or if you have any queries regarding any aspect of the above please email:
Link:  Gift Aid/Standing Order Form [A4 printable – returnable to FrK]
Thank you.