StMC-3W-Report 2016/17

Report of the Third World Group for the Year 2016


Thank you for your generous support of our collections for our Third World charities during 2016. The nine weekend collections raised £6038.21.


The individual collections and amounts raised for 2016 were

January – MSF (Syrian Refugees) – £646.87

February – Tansen Hospital Trust Nepal – £716.47

April – Aid to the Church in Need – £663.29

May – St Francis Leprosy Guild – £583.00

June – Railway Children – £665.82

August – Sylvia Wright – £1128.56

September – SPICMA – £518.64

November – MAP – £503.00

December – Send a cow – £612.56


In addition there was a concert by Prima Vocal in aid of the Third World which raised over £1000 for the charity ‘Aid for Bethlehem Children with Disabilities’. The members of the Third World Group are now unable to organise events so many thanks are due to Pauline Goudy and other members of the parish who organised the concert and as always a great time was had by the choir and the audience.


Visit of Sylvia Wright 26.7.16.

Sylvia visited again with Tony Allinson, Chair of the Trust. Tony brought us up to date with the developments of a new Day Centre for severely disabled children which were taking place in the grounds of Rangammal school. We also heard about the developments in the state hospital system which will mean that more people can be treated in the state system. Both Sylvia and Tony are getting to know people in the parish and feeling comfortable among us and people were able to pursue conversations with Sylvia on a more personal level.

We hope to see Sylvia again during the second half of July, currently we are expecting her to visit on the in the evening of the 18th of July, so please keep your diaries free for that date.


Fair Trade Report: 
Many thanks to all those who help with the manning of the Fair Trade stall, month by month. The total spending at the stall this last year amounted to £2248.36, a small increase of £14.83 on the previous year. There may not be so many people buying from the stall but those who do are generous in their support. As the stall is not ‘charity’, as people spend in order to buy things they want/need, any donations are put into a Cafod box. Our kitchen supplies of biscuits, coffee, tea and sugar account for a sizeable amount of the income for
the stall as we are committed to our status as a Fair trade parish, joining our other churches in Haxby as well as Aroma, and being part of York which is  a Fairtrade city.


ChristmasFair Trade Weekend: 
Our Christmas Preview weekend in October was again a success, and our wonderful models made the most of a limited amount of clothing to show off, plus the use of scarves, hats, jewellery. £1829.49 worth of goods was sold (£220.51 down on last year) and £133.85 from ticket money and refreshments was sent to Tradecraft for their long-term development work. Tradecraft is a major and unique contributor to the Fairtrade market. It is maintained by Cafod, Christian Aid and Sciaf (the Scottish equivalent of Cafod) and not only buys and sells
Fairtrade products but helps small groups and cooperatives to develop and market their goods to a standard appropriate to developed economies. Although various Fairtrade products are available in shops and supermarkets, they do not have the range of products that are available through the Fairer World shop.

Any purchase from the stall enables the small groups and cooperatives in the developing world to raise their standard of living and give them self respect, dignity and independence.


What Fair Trade Means: 
If a group marketing goods wishes to receive Fairtrade certification their workers must all have equal rights, they must not employ any child labour and they must use the minimum of chemicals in the production of their goods, thereby caring for the environment. Once they have that Fairtrade mark, they are guaranteed a fair minimum price for their goods with a long term commitment to the purchase of the goods and an extra bonus which the group/community can use for specific needs in their community eg health provision, education.


Please consider volunteering

to help the Third World group. We meet every few months to decide on the charities to support and to organise the collections for those charities. We are usually at one or other of the Margaret Clitherow masses and Miriam and Stephen are always at the Fairtrade Stall which is usually on the  second Saturday/Sunday of each month.

(More help on our our monthly Fairtrade Stall would be nice, either to help set up on a Saturday evening (from 4.00 onwards) and/or help to sell the goods after mass, or to help sell the goods after mass on Sunday mornings and to help pack up after the parishioners have gone home)