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StMC – Third World – Charities Supported

[The list below shows the charities supported over the past few years – most recent at the top.]

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[The Gift Aid amount shown is 25% of the Gift-Aidable part of the collection – not the total collection.]

from Gift Aid
The list above shows our most recent charities supported.
#TAX YEAR 2020/2019###
09 Feb 2020Mary's MealsMary's Meals
26 Jan 2020Sylvia Wright TrustSylvia Wright Trust
05 Jan 2020Christian Blind MissionChristian Blind Mission
08 Dec 2019CMAI - LiberiaChristian Medical Assocn of India
10 Nov 2019Street ChildStreet Child
01 Sep 2019Aid to the Church in NeedACN-UK£924.54£123.32
11 Aug 2019Special Projects in Christian Missionary Areas - UgandaSPICMA£505.08£80.68
28 Jul 2019Universal Initiative Foundation (Albinism in Tanzania)UIF£763.54£105.25
07 Apr 2019CAFOD Malawi Cyclone AppealCAFOD£776.02£137.70
#TAX YEAR 2019/2018###
03 Feb 2019Mary's MealsMary's Meals£594.82£98.70
13 Jan 2019CAFOD Indonesia TsunamiCAFOD - Indonesia£750.59£116.86
09 Dec 2018Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£736.44£99.30
11 Nov 2018Toilet TwinningToilet Twinning£613.65£93.30
26 Aug 2018Street ChildStreet Child£568.13£96.10
05 Aug 2018Railway Children
(Helping Street Children)
03 Jun 2018Special Projects in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£604.48£86.78
06 May 2018Columban MissionariesCol Mis£977.40£79.80
08 Apr 2018The Little Way AssocLittle Way£602.19£84.90
#TAX YEAR 2018/2017###
11 Feb 2018MAG (Landmine Clearance)Landmine Clearance£576.49£86.01
28 Jan 2018Send a CowSend a Cow£612.56£84.30
14 Jan 2018Save the Children
Rohingya Appeal
Save the Children - Rohingya£774.80£105.63
10 Dec 2017Embrace the Middle EastEmbraceME£441.10£93.38
12 Nov 2017Special Projects in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£585.62£87.20
03 Sep 2017Aid to the Church in NeedACN-UK£659.29£93.53
13 Aug 2017Save the Children Yemen AppealYemen£614.18£97.43
23 Jul 2017Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£703.26£103.45
14 May 2017Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF UK£751.51£111.50
#TAX YEAR 2017/2016###
12 Feb 2017Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy InternationalMCAI£582.02£114.88
08 Jan 2017YemenCAFOD-DEC£800.91£131.26
11 Dec 2016Send a CowSend a Cow£612.56£92.98
06 Nov 2016MAP InternationalMAP£503.70£89.50
04 Sep 2016Spec Proj in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£518.64£85.49
14 Aug 2016Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£1128.56£226.67
05 Jun 2016Railway Children
(Helping Street Children)
22 May 2016St Francis Leprosy GuildSFLG£583.00£95.22
10 Apr 2016Aid to the Church in NeedACN-UK£663.29£106.68
#TAX YEAR 2016/2015###
14 Feb 2016Tansen Hosp Trust - NepalTHT_Nepal£716.47£106.18
10 Jan 2016Medecins Sans Frontieres - Syrian RefugeesMSF-Syria£646.87£90.55
13 Dec 2015Spec Proj in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£473.39£83.63
08 Nov 2015MAP InternationalMAP£317.50£76.55
13 Sep 2015Save the Children (Syrian Refugees)STC-Syria£744.80£102.97
09 Aug 2015Children of the Andes
(Children change Colombia)
14 Jun 2015Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£571.62£86.36
10 May 2015Nepal EarthquakeNE£1618.15£103.43
12 Apr 2015Medecins Sans FrontieresMSF£556.56£88.75
#TAX YEAR 2015/2014###
08 Feb 2015Mary's MealsMary's Meals£601.86£98.25
11 Jan 2015Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity£472.58£84.33
14 Dec 2014Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy InternationalMCAI£491.70£72.15
09 Nov 2014Christian Blind MissionOverseas Disabilities£387.28£65.73
14 Sep 2014MAG (Landmine clearance)Landmine Clearance£478.14£76.55
10 Aug 2014Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF UK£663.69£86.50
08 Jun 2014Special Projects in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£388.38£77.63
04 May 2014Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£326.83£62.08
13 Apr 2014Oasis of PeaceOasis of Peace£539.04£69.63
#TAX YEAR 2014/2013###
10 Feb 2014St Francis Leprosy Guild
Leprosy Guild£531.01£79.33
12 Jan 2014CAFOD PhilippinesCAFOD Philippines£658.50£88.05

[The Gift Aid amount shown is 25% of the Gift-Aidable part of the collection – not the total collection.]