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StMC – Third World – Charities Supported

[The list below shows the charities supported over the past few years – most recent at the top.]

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from Gift Aid
The list above shows our most recent charities supported.
#TAX YEAR 2019/2018###
03 Feb 2019tba
13 Jan 2019tba
09 Dec 2018tba
11 Nov 2018Sylvia Wright TrustSWT
26 Aug 2018tba
05 Aug 2018Railway Children
(Helping Street Children)
03 Jun 2018Special Projects in Christian Missionary Areas
06 May 2018Columban Missionaries
08 Apr 2018The Little Way Assoc£602.19tbd
#TAX YEAR 2018/2017###
11 Feb 2018MAG (Landmine Clearance)Landmine Clearance£549.49£86.01
28 Jan 2018Send a CowSend a Cow£612.56£84.30
14 Jan 2018Save the Children
Rohingya Appeal
Save the Children - Rohingya£774.80£105.63
10 Dec 2017Embrace the Middle EastEmbraceME£441.10£93.38
12 Nov 2017Special Projects in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£585.62£87.20
03 Sep 2017Aid to the Church in NeedACN-UK£659.29£93.53
13 Aug 2017Save the Children Yemen AppealYemen£614.18£97.43
23 Jul 2017Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£703.26£103.45
14 May 2017Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF UK£751.51£111.50
#TAX YEAR 2017/2016###
12 Feb 2017Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy InternationalMCAI£582.02£114.88
08 Jan 2017YemenCAFOD-DEC£800.91£131.26
11 Dec 2016Send a CowSend a Cow£612.56£92.98
06 Nov 2016MAP InternationalMAP£503.70£89.50
04 Sep 2016Spec Proj in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£518.64£85.49
14 Aug 2016Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£1128.56£226.67
05 Jun 2016Railway Children
(Helping Street Children)
22 May 2016St Francis Leprosy GuildSFLG£583.00£95.22
10 Apr 2016Aid to the Church in NeedACN-UK£663.29£106.68
#TAX YEAR 2016/2015###
14 Feb 2016Tansen Hosp Trust - NepalTHT_Nepal£716.47£106.18
10 Jan 2016Medecins Sans Frontieres - Syrian RefugeesMSF-Syria£646.87£90.55
13 Dec 2015Spec Proj in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£473.39£83.63
08 Nov 2015MAP InternationalMAP£317.50£76.55
13 Sep 2015Save the Children (Syrian Refugees)STC-Syria£744.80£102.97
09 Aug 2015Children of the Andes
(Children change Colombia)
14 Jun 2015Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£571.62£86.36
10 May 2015Nepal EarthquakeNE£1618.15£103.43
12 Apr 2015Medecins Sans FrontieresMSF£556.56£88.75
#TAX YEAR 2015/2014###
08 Feb 2015Mary's MealsMary's Meals£601.86£98.25
11 Jan 2015Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity£472.58£84.33
14 Dec 2014Maternal & Childhealth Advocacy InternationalMCAI£491.70£72.15
09 Nov 2014Christian Blind MissionOverseas Disabilities£387.28£65.73
14 Sep 2014MAG (Landmine clearance)Landmine Clearance£478.14£76.55
10 Aug 2014Medecins Sans Frontieres MSF UK£663.69£86.50
08 Jun 2014Special Projects in Christian Missionary AreasSPICMA£388.38£77.63
04 May 2014Sylvia Wright TrustSWT£326.83£62.08
13 Apr 2014Oasis of PeaceOasis of Peace£539.04£69.63
#TAX YEAR 2014/2013###
10 Feb 2014St Francis Leprosy Guild
Leprosy Guild£531.01£79.33
12 Jan 2014CAFOD PhilippinesCAFOD Philippines£658.50£88.05

[The Gift Aid amount shown is 25% of the Gift-Aidable part of the collection – not the total collection.]